Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

In honor of our upcoming baseball stadium tour, today's wedding theme is America's pastime! Baseball has played an important role in my relationship with the hubs.  Our first date was at a Dodger game and since that day we have spent lots of time attending baseball games.  One of our goals is to visit all of the baseball stadiums in the country, so for his wedding present, I had a custom painting done of a map of the US with all the stadiums on it.  Each time we visit one, we fill in the date on the painting.  On our first date, my now husband kept one big secret from me--despite being raised in Los Angeles, he is actually a Giants fan.  That means something to those of you who like baseball, and for those of you who don't, well let's just say the Dodgers and the Giants don't really get along.  Luckily, we found a way to overcome this flaw of his.  Let's play ball!  (Click pic for original source!)

It doesn't get much more all-American than that! Make sure you are following me on Instagram (click the pink camera on the right sidebar) to see pics from our trip, and make sure you are checking out my sports blog, LA Sports Doll, for all the details!


  1. OMG, so many cute baseball ideas! But that cake is definitelyl my favorite....adorable!

  2. Love Love that cake. Lots of cute ideas but that cake.. ... Too cute. Have a great time on your trip.