Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby Wish List: Nursery

So many things that come along with baby-making are much harder than they seem from the outside.  Picking a name?  Practically impossible.  Managing the decisions that have to be made about baby's health?  Totally overwhelming.  Decorating the nursery?  Huge project.  Right now we are in the cleaning out stages of planning the nursery (right now it is Mr. B's office/music room) and it is just, plain and simple, a lot of work.  He has to move some of his stuff into my office (which is the size of a closet to begin with) and other items into our bedroom.  The logistics of it have become a bit of a headache.  To distract myself from said headache, I think about the fun things that come along with creating a nursery: the decorating.  I have finally finished our registries (another seemingly fun task that turned out to be daunting) and I'm super excited about the decor elements I have picked out.  I wanted to stay away from theme rooms, so I picked a color palette (gray, light blue, and yellow) and went with different geometric patterns in the color scheme.  These are the items I'm hoping to use in our little man's nursery!

From Target:

I love this gray rug; it would be perfect for the nursery and could be used in several rooms as baby grows.

I like that these curtains are patterned, but don't look too girly.

I love the shape of this lamp; if I get it, I will paint it yellow.

These crib sheets were literally one of the only sets I liked after looking at numerous stores.

I like the touch of yellow on this pillow (which would reside on the chair below!)

From Babies R Us:

This is the only big ticket item on our registry; I love the shape and the modern feel of this glider.

I love the blue/gray combo of these blankets.

From Ikea

This dresser will double as changing table.  I like that it has tons of storage.  It will be getting painted, most likely white.

I like the modern lines of this crib, and of course, it doesn't hurt that it's from Ikea and therefore totally affordable!
Those are our main decor wants (well, mine, Mr. B couldn't care less).  I plan on doing some basic artwork and downloading some printables to create a gallery wall of some sort, which of course I will share with you soon!

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