Friday, February 21, 2014

To Do List--106 Days to Go!

I almost passed out the other day when I looked at my pregnancy countdown and it said 108 days to go.  Now we are down to 106!  Given that every ultrasound we have had so far shows Baby B measuring about a week ahead of schedule (and given my constant prayers for a 38 week pregnancy), it could be even less than that.  I told Mr. B the news and even he was like "We have so much left to do."  Seriously.  The arrival of Baby B means a huge shift in our home, as we are moving Baby into Mr. B's office and moving his office into mine (which is the size of a closet).  Some of his office stuff (like the futon and the TV) are moving into the sitting area of our bedroom.  Before we add any more furniture into our bedroom, it needs to be painted.  Basically, we have a ton of crap to get done and we are running out of time to do it in!  So I'm putting this list out there into the internet universe to hopefully help keep us accountable and on track.  You are all my witnesses!

To Do:

Paint my office
Move Mr. B's desk into my office
Paint our bedroom
Paint my dresser
Paint Mr. B's dresser
Move futon and TV into bedroom
Paint nursery
Get (and assemble) nursery furniture
Paint bookshelf for nursery
Paint dresser for nursery
Organize all of Baby's stuff
Decorate nursery

I have a feeling the list might grow before it shrinks...Wish me (and Mr. B as he will be doing most of the hard stuff) luck!

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