Sunday, September 23, 2012

Me and the Hubs: A Love Story

So I thought I would spend some time filling you in on the basics leading up to mu current state of baby on the brain.  Of course the most important piece of this puzzle would be my darling husband.  The hubs and I met on our first day of teacher training, but didn't really get to know each other until I got transferred to the school where he teaches.  At the time, we were both seeing other people, but when we both ended up single, things fell into place.  Our first date was in the middle of May, by the beginning of June we were dating exclusively, and by August we were living together.  I guess you could say we just knew!  It's funny because if any of my friends were in that situation and were thinking of moving in with someone that quickly, I would tell her she was crazy!  But it worked for us!  We got married in July of 2011 and had the perfect wedding of my dreams (see below!).

One of the most amazing things about my guy is his ability to deal with my absolute craziness.  Once I have an idea in my head, I have a one track mind and I don't stop until I get what I want.  Hubs has always been super patient with me, letting me be my obsessive self.  I can honestly say that there is no one else in the world I would rather be with, and certainly no one I would rather have kids with.  He obviously is an integral part of the baby-making process, so I thought you should know a little about him and us before we jump into the deep end!  Happy Sunday!

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