Friday, September 28, 2012

I could get really carried away with this...

I thought I would have a little more fun with my post today.  Mr. B and I have still been doing some serious talking on the baby front, and we are trying to be smart and practical.  This week we changed our health insurance plan and started looking into OB's that are part of our new health network.  We have been talking about what we need to do financially to get ready and have been chatting about timing and ideally when we would like to really start trying.  So I promise, I have been good.  I have not been totally swept away by Pinterest pictures of cute babies and sassy onesies.  I mean, I've been partly swept away, but not totally.  Of course I have been thinking about all of the fun, cute stuff that comes along with having a baby.  It's much more entertaining to decorate a hypothetical nursery than to look up the average wait time at a particular doctor's office.  And thus, here we have this post.  My dream nursery.  You may notice a theme... (Click pic for original source, all pics via Pinterest.)

I guess if we ever have a girl, my color scheme is all set!  The good news is, if we had a boy, we could just replace the pink with a pretty blue!  But honestly, I'm trying not to let myself get too wrapped up in images like these and focus on the reasons we really want a baby.  All that pink is just a bonus!

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