Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Color Run Recap

This past weekend, the hubs and I and a couple of our friends headed down to Orange County for the Color Run.  The Color Run travels all over putting on family friendly and fun 5Ks that each benefit a local charity.  The premise of the race is runners show up in white T-shirts, and each kilometer of the race are doused with colored powder that seeps into the skin and supposedly washes off with soap and water (though the race was Saturday and I still have some pink spots on me!).  This is what the the hubs and I looked like pre-race...

And here are some shots from along the course.  Please keep in mind that these were taken with my phone, while it was in a plastic bag to protect it from the colors so they are a little blurry!

At the end of the race, each runner is given a packet of their favorite color powder and then there is a big timed release where everyone throws their powders in the air.  I chose to stand back and snap this shot rather be in the fray, and instead threw most of my powder at my friends :o)

Here is the crew post race....nice and colorful!  Despite some poor organization in the parking lot of the race, and the heat (we ran at 12:30), the race was tons of fun and we will definitely be signing up for it again the next time it is in town!

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