Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baby Pins

One of the first signs I was coming out of the miscarriage funk and heading back into baby gaga land was the reemergence of my desire to pin all things baby related.  Since I spend time on Pinterest that may border on obsession, the fact that I went months without pinning anything baby themed was a sign that I was just not ready.  But now, I have gone back to my baby pinning ways (even thought about starting a secret board, but then I figured having a secret board and a blog about my life would be somewhat counterproductive).  Here are some of my recent baby pins...  (Click pic for original source, all pics via Pinterest.)

This is actually an awesome idea for baby or for wedding.  Take the cards from the shower and punch out heart shapes.  Arrange in a frame and voila, perfect nursery art!


Totally necessary for an HP baby.

Love these adorable DIY onesies.

 Not a huge fan of maternity pics (probably because I know I will NOT be one of those adorable tiny pregnant women), but this is a cute shot!

Love this idea for a tattoo, baby's first heartbeat.

And because I am nothing if not humorous, love this baby announcement idea!

Since we aren't officially trying yet, Pinterest is tiding me over until I can focus on actually getting knocked up!


  1. Such CUTE ideas, but really LOVE the baby announcement! So funny!

  2. Very cute....all except the tattoo ;) Especially like the hearts cut from cards...great idea.

    Love the announcement....too cute!