Monday, June 30, 2014

Instagram Dump May and June

So we obviously had a major life event happen in June which is taking up most of my Instagram feed these days, but I'm going to dump these pics anyway!

First glimpse of the DIY mobile I created for the nursery...

A thoughtful gift from one of my students.  Teachers love their coffee!

The last Kings game we will get to see for a while...

On one of my days of pre-baby I went to my first solo movie...

One more day of work!

Sneak peek of Baby B's nursery, see the full reveal here!

Had a craving for cake but couldn't decide on chocolate or vanilla frosting, so I used both!

The main issue in my marriage, summed up right here...

Operation Evict Baby started with a spicy lunch...

...then continued on with a pedicure...

...and finished with a walk around the Americana.  P.S.  The plan didn't work.

The first pic of our little bundle!

My first glass of wine from one of my favorite wineries.  So. good.

The little guy is getting bigger every day!

Obviously we had a pretty eventful couple of months!  As always, if you want to follow me on Instagram, click the blue camera in the right hand side-bar!

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