Friday, October 11, 2013

San Francisco Recap

Hey there friends!  This past weekend we were lucky enough to have a four day weekend for our annual Fall Break and Mr. B and I decided to spend it up North (in Nor Cal for those into the slang).  We grabbed a couple of friends, jumped in the car and hit the road!  We left early Saturday morning and arrived in Palo Alto in the afternoon.  Palo Alto is absolutely gorgeous, I mean this is the local high school...

We got to catch the Stanford/Washington football game that night, which was awesome.  We love college football and it was super cool to see another school's stadium.

After the game we drove into San Francisco, which is one of my favorite cities in the world.  I love my city architecture so I was thrilled with the view out of our hotel window...

Of course, one of the highlights of SF is the shopping.  This is the local mall!  Hello stunning!

Sunday night we went to see Mr. B's favorite NFL team, the 49ers, take on the Houston Texans.  This is the Niners last year in Candlestick Park so it was cool to get to visit the stadium.  All I have ever heard about Candlestick is how freezing it is, but it was a gorgeous day and I barely needed a sweatshirt, even at ten o'clock!

And since it is October and breast cancer awareness, we got these awesome pink towels!

The sunset behind the stadium was so gorgeous...

The next day we did some driving around town and sightseeing...

Despite all my trips to the city, this was the first time I had actually stopped in the Golden Gate viewing area to take some awesome pictures.

We rounded out our trip with a visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum, which is a must for any Disney fan.  If you want to see those highlights, make sure you check out my Disney blog, Two Disney Darlings, next week!


  1. Great photos! It looks like it was a perfect weekend & you had beautiful weather. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful photos and some great memories! Glad you had such an awesome time :) xo