Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekly Weigh In #1

One of my main goals before getting pregnant is to get healthy and get in shape.  I know, I know...that seems a little counterproductive.  Lose weight and get a hot bod, only to get pregnant and gain weight.  But, I do know that being overweight makes it harder to get pregnant in the first place.  Plus, I want to be active during my pregnancy because I know it will make losing the baby weight easier.  So at the end of June (before I was even truly bitten by the baby bug) I signed up for Weight Watchers, and as of my weigh in this past weekend, have lost just over twenty pounds!  I was so excited to hit that big goal, and I am now about halfway to my ultimate goal.  I know losing the last twenty pounds is going to be harder, but Mr. B and I have signed up for the Disney 5K in January, and are going to start training this week, so hopefully that will kick the weight loss into high gear!

Stats as of 9/30:

Starting Weight: 187
Ultimate Goal Weight: 145
This Week's Weight: 165.6
Total Lost This Week: 2.8
Total Lost: 21.4

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