Thursday, April 4, 2013

Etsy Profile: Hoot Owl Press

Hello lovely readers and happy Friday!  Since I have been on Spring Break this week, it has almost been like a week full of Fridays, but I have been so busy with crafting and blogging and creating stuff for my Etsy shop that it hasn't seemed much like a vacation!  One of the best things about joining the Etsy community as a seller has been getting to chat with some of the other amazingly talented people selling their wares.  I have been a part of many online communities, as a wedding coordinator mainly, and people tend to not be super friendly and/or helpful (at least in my experience).  The opposite is true of the sellers I have encountered on Etsy.  Everyone has been gracious, kind, and supportive and because of that, I plan to share some of my great experiences with you.  I am not being paid or compensated in any way for this post, this is just a review of my experiences.  If I ever am being compensated or sponsored in any way, I will always let you know!

So this post is about my experience with Hoot Owl Press.  I contacted Kemble (awesome name, btw) about creating a custom stamp of my new design logo for The Bees Times Three.  I wanted to have something I could use in multiple ways, but something that would keep my branding consistent.  I love the look of rubber stamps (much cooler than just regular old ink jet printing) so I thought this would be the perfect solution.  Here is what I sent Kemble:

And here is what I received from him a little over a week later:

I busted this baby out of its envelope and got straight to work!  I created a tag for my tote bags...

And created a backing card for my earrings and bobby pins (available in the shop soon!)...

Cute right?  Kemble was so easy to work with and I am super excited about my new logo stamp!  Kemble can make personalized stamps in all different sizes, and has a bunch of designs of his own.  Make sure you swing by Hoot Owl Press and check out all his awesome goods!


  1. What a cool deal! Love the look this look...very very cute!!!

  2. I just came across this article you wrote up! Thanks for all the kind words :) Working with folks like you is why we love making stamps so much :)