Monday, April 8, 2013

DIY Love Letters

Hello and happy Monday!  Welcome to another week!  It's back to the trenches for me this week, but I'm still going to be sharing some super cute projects with you!  I pinned this awesome LOVE sign from Justine Smith and decided to try it myself:

The image above uses coins for the sparkle factor.  Originally I was going to use sequins to achieve the same look.  I found my letters at a local craft store and gave them a silver painted base coat.

I started arranging the silver sequins on top of the letters, but I was not loving the look.  It was hard to cover the squarish letters with round sequins and I didn't like the look of overlapping sequins.  So instead of sequins, I went to my old standby: glitter.  I brushed on some glue and covered the letters with a light dusting of silver glitter.  Even though the end result is different from my original inspiration, I still love the finished product!

These letters would be a great addition to any room.  You can spell out whatever you want and you could use a ton of different colors.  The sky is the limit!

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  1. Love these! They would make a perfect addition to my master bedroom. :) Thanks for linking up at Crafty Tuesday.