Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Craft Inspiration

Hello lovelies!  I am slowly starting to recover from a very long week of partying!  Last week both Mr. B and I turned 30, and we celebrated our two year wedding anniversary.  Too say I'm wiped would be an understatement!  This week my goal is a major cleaning/re-organinzing of the house because, sadly, we go back to work in just two weeks (where did the summer go????)!  We're going to have a garage sale on Saturday which will hopefully help clear out some of the junk.  The goal for next week is to check off the major house projects that just won't get done during the school year: painting and yard work.  I'm looking forward to having a clean and tidy house before we go back to the real world!  In the meantime, I've been looking around for some crafts I will actually have the time and energy to work on once I am back to work.  These are some projects I hope to get to create soon!  (Click pic for original source, all pics via Pinterest.)

This is a pic of letter beads, but how cute would it be to spray paint alphabet magnets?  Super chic!

 Ombre glitter shoes?  Yes please!

Adorable ombre painted jars as vases...

Super cute and easy washi tape on jars...

Love this idea for the kitchen, spray painting utensils all one color...

Obviously I'm a sucker for anything Disney, so this decoupaged letter is awesome!

Which one is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments and if there's a clear majority, I will work on that one first!

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