Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: DIY Directions Sign

Hey ladies (or gentlemen, if that's how you roll)!  Today's project is a sign that can be placed out on the street corner of your venue to lead guests in the right direction.  This is always important if your location is a little hard to find.  Make sure your guests know exactly where to go so they don't get lost (and hopefully show up on time!).

This was a pretty easy project, so here are the steps:

These are some random supplies, but everything was cheap!  I bought a pack of ready made signs from an office supply store, and to cover it a plastic tablecloth from a party supply store.  I had been looking around desperately for pastel yellow wrapping paper to no avail, so decided to use the tablecloth instead.  This one is a little darker than my chosen color, but it will stand out more and be easier to read from far away.

I covered the plastic sign with the tablecloth.

Then I cut out letters from cute scrapbooking paper.

I attached the letters with a glue stick, and voila!  Signage!

Easy peasy.  I think for the sign for the other side of the street will be pink with yellow letters.  There will also be a sign directing guests to the correct parking area.  Hope you like it!

When it came time for our actual wedding, this was not the sign we ended up using and I'm bummed I don't have a pic of the real one because it was super cute.  It had a pink background with bright green and orange letters.  If you do make signs like these guys, make sure you take some pics on the big day!

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