Thursday, March 27, 2014

Personal Post: In a Perfect World...

In a perfect world, a dream world, blogging would be my job.  I love writing, I love crafting, I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with others.  When I sit down for a day of blogging, I feel accomplished.  I feel productive.  I feel like my creativity is being put to good use.

That's not to say I don't feel that way when teaching, because I definitely have those moments in the classroom too.  Actually, typically those moments come when I am watching my theater students perform, but that happens about three times a year.  And while I am endlessly proud of them, it doesn't often feel like my accomplishment.  As I consider my options for next year, I can't help but wish that blogging was a way to supplement my income so that I could teach part time and blog to make up for my lost salary.  Right now that's not an option, and that's okay, but in a perfect world...

I find myself torn when it comes to blogging.  This blog deals with all of the things I am passionate about right now: my home, my family, my baby, my crafts.  I also have a Disney blog that has barely been touched since I first started posting there.  Disney is something I am definitely passionate about, so I made the decision to stop posting there and start posting my Disney info here.  You will note the "Everything Disney" tab at the top of this blog, which is a new addition.  I don't want to stop blogging about Disney since I love it and have many ideas to share, but having a separate blog (that makes three all together) doesn't make sense for me at this point.  I also still have my wedding blog, Pink Cupcake Weddings, which has been around for almost four years now and was my first blogging endeavor.  It can be hard for me to come up with relevant ideas for PCW as I am so far removed from wedding planning these days, but it has always been my most popular blog, and if ever I were going to make money blogging, it would be there.  In fact, looking at my stats for the past couple of months, I am experiencing traffic similar to the rates of other blogs that I know bring in some sort of income for their writers.  So maybe if I keep at it, someday that will be me.

What I don't want to do is blog for the sake of blogging.  I hate when I publish a post I don't feel good about, and I try not to do that very often.  I want my posts on both of my blogs to be worthy of my readers.  No one wants to read filler or fluff.  So what happens now?  I will blog when I feel like I have something worthy to share.  You may see an influx of Disney themed posts over the next couple weeks since I have some ready that I haven't shared with my Bees readers yet.  If you stop by PCW you will see some new posts when inspiration strikes.  And maybe one of these days I will bring in some income from one of these blogs.  I am realistic about those chances (aka slim to none) but I will keep on dreaming.

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