Monday, December 17, 2012

And the Stockings Were Hung...

As is the usual for me, I came up with a totally new color scheme for Christmas this year.  Which means changing out decorations and adding to the decorations we already have.  Luckily, my mother taught me well, and I have a lot of neutral basics that can work with most different colors.  Our stockings, for example, are white, so it is easy to change up their look just by adding in different elements.  To work in this year's black, white and burlap theme, I came up with some new letters for the stockings.  I found these babies at my local craft store for like a buck each.

And gave them a coat of black paint...

And attached them to our white stockings with some burlapy rope I had lying around.

The letters were a simple and quick addition to the stockings, and yet totally changed up the look from what they had previously.  Love em!

1 comment:

  1. I love em too! Love the white so you can change whenever you want! Very cute :)