Wednesday, February 20, 2013

B Family Home Tour: Master Bathroom

Hello again and welcome back to the B family home tour!  Today we are going to take a look at "my" bathroom.  This is the bathroom connected to the master bedroom, but I am pretty much the only one who uses it, Mr. B uses our second bathroom.  We are lucky to have two bathrooms in a house our size, but that means that both of them are pretty tiny.  We try to make the best of our limited space!

This is the view of pretty much the entire bathroom.  I like the vanity because it has a lot of storage, but there is virtually no counter space and I am not a huge fan of the wood.  I think I am stuck with the vanity, but I will have to try to do something to make it a little prettier.

This is the shower/tub combo.  I absolutely hate the glass doors on here, but I hate showering in a shower with a curtain even more.  This tub is pretty old and looks like it has been in the house since it was built (in 1931), but it works.  I could definitely use some in shower storage to make things a little more organized.

I would love to add a frame around this plain mirror.  Most people are not fans of these types of light fixtures, but I actually like it.  I think the frame would go a long way to make this look a lot better.  (Pardon my lovely laying around the house sweatshirt here.)

There is a good size window over the toilet, but that leaves very little room around the bathroom for additional wall-mounted storage.

Because this is a small space, I think it will be pretty easy to spruce up.  I think it just needs a little paint and a little pizzazz and it will be a whole new room!

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  1. I really like that vanity...but I get that there isn't much counter space. But I still think the vanity looks great :)