Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Potting Succulents

Over the weekend I got the chance to hang out and do some shopping with my mom, which means both good and bad news.  Good news, she buys me stuff like these awesome little vases from West Elm.  Bad news, she takes me to places where I want to buy stuff, like these adorable succulents from Rolling Greens nursery in LA.  I couldn't wait to plant these babies in their shiny new homes!  I am not a garden expert in any way, shape or form, but the nice thing about succulents is they are hard to screw up.  So I set out my vases and stuck the plants in them (still in their nursery containers) to see how I liked the look.  I got the big fish bowl looking one from the Goodwill a few years ago for about $2 and have used it frequently ever since.

I started with the little guys, filling the vases about halfway with soil.

Then I gently removed the succulents from their original container and repotted them into the little silver vases.  I used the remaining soil they came with to fill up the holes and empty spaces.  Super easy to do, and they look so cute!

The bigger one was a little harder to do because I wanted the succulent to look like it's floating in the bowl.  Originally, I started with some soil already in the bowl...

...but found it was actually easier to put the succulent in first and then pack the remaining spaces with extra soil.  That worked much better and gave me this final result:

I put the little vases on my coffee table and the big bowl on the dining room table, and I am just loving the look!  Our house definitely needed some plant life, big time!

The succulent in the big bowl cost about $10 all together.  My mom sent me a picture of one from Gelson's that cost $47 and looked almost exactly the same as mine!  It pays to DIY!


  1. It definitely does pay! :)

    I never would have thought to use those cute shiny containers as vases! My mind only went to candles. Very clever. I love the contrast of the organic succulents with the sparkly silver...really pretty!

  2. I love these! Those shiny containers look perfect with the succulents. I planted some little flowers inside small galvanized pails yesterday and I love them!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Laura! I love the galvanized pails idea, I might get some of those for the backyard!

  3. I love succulents! They're so interesting looking, and easy to care for. I really like the bowl idea, it's beautiful.