Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Favorite Things Party

I know this post is a wee bit late for the holiday season, but this party was so fun and it really doesn't have to be holiday-centered so I'm going to share it with you anyway.  My girlfriends and I decided to have a Favorite Things gift exchange party instead of buying individual gifts for each other.  I got this idea from, of course, Pinterest and it seemed like a fun concept.  The basic idea is that each person brings one item (enough for each individual at the party)--something that costs less than $5, but is something they love.  Then everyone exchanges items and each guest goes home with a few new awesome things to try out.  At our Favorite Things party we had people bring nail polish, a scented candle, a scarf, deep conditioner, a super cute coffee cup, and of course since it was a gathering of teachers--some good cheap wine.

Of course no holiday gathering is complete without the drinks, so I also asked each lady to bring a bottle of wine, which was served in these glasses I decorated just for the occasion.  For the wine tags, I painted little wooden tags with black craft paint, then used a white paint pen to write the initial of each lady.  I used some brown twine to tie them onto each glass.

I also got some black lunch size bags so the girls would have somewhere to gather all of their loot.  I used the white paint pen again to write a little message on the bag.

For my favorite thing, I snagged my most used nail polish, which is the all in one manicure from Sally Hansen (lasts forever).  I used some brown craft tags and again the white paint pen and wrote "For your mistletoes" on each one.

All in all, we had a lovely girls night out.  It was awesome to not have to spend a fortune on individual gifts, and I ended up with a bunch of cool stuff that I have actually been using!  I will definitely consider another Favorite Things party the next time I am hosting a night for the ladies!

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  1. Very cute idea...the party and the gift bags! So fun. Oh and I also love the "mistle toes"...very clever :)