Monday, September 9, 2013

DIY: Glitter Candlesticks

Greetings lovelies and welcome to another DIY tutorial!  I found this awesome image on Pinterest a while ago from Lee Mae Marie and I knew I just had to make this fabulous project.  The link didn't lead to a tutorial, but that was no big since I am no stranger to glittering anything that I can.  Here is my finished product:

Originally I was going to do both in gold, but (I'm not sure how this is even possible) I had no gold glitter!  Tragedy to the max.  So I had to make do with what I had.  I couldn't decide between pink and silver, so I went with one of each!  Eventually I will probably make a match for each color, but I wanted to do some experimenting and see which I liked best (of course, I love them both!).  Here's how to make glitter candlesticks of your own!

1.  Gather supplies.  I got my candlesticks at Michael's, but you could use any wooden candlesticks (maybe even glass would work).  Then you need glitter and paint in corresponding colors, Mod Podge, and a sponge brush for each color.

2.  Paint your candlesticks.  The paint doesn't have to be perfect because it won't be the top layer, but make sure you have good coverage.

3.  When the paint is dry, it's time to glitter!  Starting at the bottom, spread a thin layer of Mod Podge on the candlestick with the sponge brush, getting into all the little cracks.

4.  Cover the glued area with glitter and shake off the excess.

5.  Continue with the Mod Podge/glitter steps until the entire candlestick is covered.  Let dry.

6.  Once everything is dry, it's a good idea to seal the glitter.  There are spray sealers, or you can run a coat of Mod Podge over the whole candlestick.  (If you use a spray sealer, make sure you put the candlesticks on a totally protected area.  The spray tends to send the excess glitter shooting off into all different directions.)

7.  Let the sealer dry and you are done!  Here is the finished product again:

These candlesticks would be great centerpieces for any wedding or party.  You could use them with actual candles, or you could put flowers in them.  You could also use these as the base for a cake stand.  So versatile and so pretty!  I'm probably going to end up making the gold ones too (good excuse to buy some more glitter!).  What do we think?  Any other colors I should try?

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