Monday, September 23, 2013

Tailgating Utensil Organizer

Are you ready for some football?  I know I am!  In fact, this time of year is one of my favorites and I am super psyched that football season is back in full swing.  Mr. B and I are both football fans and we love going to games, mostly for the tailgating.  If you have never been tailgating, then you are seriously missing out and you should go as soon as possible!  If you have been tailgating, then you know what I am talking about.  This week is going to be football week here at Bees Times Three, and we are starting out with this super easy (and cheap) utensil holder that is perfect for tailgating.  Here is the finished product:

You need very limited supplies for this project: a green plastic container (found mine at the Dollar Tree), a ruler, and a white paint pen.  For the inside, one small plastic divider (got a pack of three at the Dollar Tree, score!)

First, use the paint pen to mark off one inch increments along the side of the container.

Then use the paint pen to draw straight lines running vertically.  Since my container is not a perfect rectangle, some of the lines look a little off, but that's okay, it's not as noticeable when you add in the numbers.

Now take the pen and add in the field numbers.  Skip every other line for authenticity!

Add in your small container to the inside.

Fill the divider with your utensils, then add in cups and napkins.  You could even fit in plates, depending on the  size of your container (mine was too small).

And here is the bad boy in action at our tailgate party last Saturday!

I will be sharing the how to on the football tablecloth tomorrow, so make sure you come back then for the details!  For now, one last look at the utensil holder...

Literally this project cost me about $1.50, doesn't get much cheaper than that, and it was a super handy way to keep everything together at our tailgate party!

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