Wednesday, March 13, 2013

B Family Home Tour: My Office

We still have a couple of more spots left on our B Family Home Tour, and while this space could be one of my favorite places in the house, right now it is mostly just a fancy storage closet.  The people who lived here before we bought our house converted the single car garage into usable house space.  Half of it became our closet in the master bedroom, and the other half became my office.  So basically it is one half of a small single car garage--it's tiny.  Typically I would use my vertical space, but because the walls are so thin, it is impossible to hang shelves.  For right now, things are kind of organized chaos.

This table is against the far wall.  Underneath is a set of drawers holding my businessy type supplies.  On top of the table is my sewing machine and my printer and some small storage containers holding random little knick knacks.

Next to the table is a bookshelf holding my craft supplies in different labeled bins.

Tucked in the back corner is another table, made from two small shelves with a table top on it.  My sewing supplies are in the cubbies and some office supplies are on top.

This is the view from the doorway.

In all, it's not a terrible space.  I rarely do any actual work in the office, mainly because there is no window and no natural light.  At some point in the future, this space will have to hold both my office junk and Mr. B's when his music room is converted to a nursery.  Then we might be in some serious trouble, but for now, this room mostly serves it's purpose (and yes, it is that pink in person--actually, it's even pinker).

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  1. It's nice that you have all that space for all your crafty supplies. All that pink is very cute :)