Monday, August 12, 2013

DIY: Cork Coasters

I so love getting to kick off the week with a craft!  We have another super easy project today and I am super psyched about it because it incorporates my new accent colors for my living room (more on my redo coming soon!).  I originally found this craft on Pinterest (duh) and it led me to this tutorial from Martha Stewart.  And really, can you go wrong with Martha Stewart?  Here's what we are making today!

And here's how to make this fun craft!

1.  Gather supplies.  You need cork coasters (found mine at Ikea), painter's tape, paint, sponge brushes and vinyl letters.

2.  Figure out and place your design.  I did my initial on one coaster and spelled out the word "sip" on another (I wanted to do "cheers" but I'm running out of letters!).  With the other two I just did random stripes.  I wasn't too particular on spacing, just kind of went for it!

3.  Then paint over your designs with the craft paint.  With the letters in particular, make sure they are fully stuck down and paint over them carefully.  Make sure your tape is nice and smooth before painting!

4.  I always wait until the paint is dry to remove tape and letters and make sure you go slowly!  When you're done removing your designs, you should have coasters like this!

Cute and easy, right?  I got so many ideas when I was working on these.  Think of all the different designs you could do, holidays, drink outlines, the sky is the limit!  I will be going back to Ikea and stocking up on these coasters, that's for sure!

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