Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY: Sparkly Keys

Hello fellow craftees and happy Friday!  Thought I would brighten up your Friday with a super easy and sparkly project.  This idea came about courtesy of Pinterest, and the fact that I had to get new copies of my house keys.  With my old set, the two keys looked different, but with the new one, they look exactly the same, so I needed a way to differentiate the two or I knew I would constantly be using the wrong key.  Time for some crafting.  Here's the finished product:

Cute right?  Here's how to make these bad boys:

1.  Gather supplies.  You need your keys, two colored nail polishes, one sparkly nail polish, and some painter's tape.

2.  Wrap the base of your key in the tape to prevent any spillage on the part of the key that actually functions.

3.  Coat the top part of your key in the colored nail polish until you are satisfied with the coverage (I used about two coats).  When it is dry, flip over and paint the other side.

4.  Make sure the colored part is completely dry and give the top part of the key a coat or two of glitter polish.  When the first side is dry, flip the key over and repeat.

5.  When the glitter is dry, remove the tape.  Now you have two easily distinguishable keys!

Note: As you can tell from the pics, I used a paper towel underneath this project, but foil or parchment paper would be better as the paper towel tended to stick to the wet nail polish.  But overall, a quick and easy project!  Wish I could do these to my work keys since I have about a million, but I doubt the school would appreciate that!

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