Friday, August 2, 2013

Bathroom Storage Organization

Alright, so I have been doing some serious cleaning out and organizing this week.  The house is still in the stage of worse before better and it's driving me nuts, but I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  One of my major projects this week was tackling my bathroom drawer.  The vanity in our master has two huge, deep drawers, which is great for storage, but it does cause me to kind of throw things in at random.  So it was time to purge!  There are three different sections  in the main drawer, and each one presented its own challenges.  Beginning with what I will call the hair/face section...this is what I started with:

In this drawer, there were brushes, hair ties, hair clips, hair styling products, face washes, moisturizers, face wipes...too much stuff!  I started by throwing out the products I don't use, and those that were expired or pretty much empty.  Then I cleaned the drawer itself:

I added some clear plastic containers to help keep like items together.  And here is the hair/face section organized!

Some of my hair products are too tall to stand in the drawer, which is a bummer, but they work just fine on their sides in the front of the drawer.  So much better and no more hunting around for a bobby pin!  The next section is the make up section.  Here's the before:

The purging in this section was huge.  I am a make up hoarder and tons of it was old and much of it was empty.  Once I threw away the yucky stuff, I added in another plastic container, and here it is clean and organized!

The last section is the nail polish section.  The before:

Tons of nail polish, old and new, contact stuff (haven't worn contacts since my wedding!), and this awesome Caboodle I'm pretty sure I got in junior high.  After some purging and another plastic container:

Once all the nail polishes were wrangled, I had enough left over space to throw in my make up bags and jewelry cleaner that were displaced from other sections.  Here are all the before and afters side by side:

The keys to organizing this kind of space: purging and containing!  Getting rid of old and unused products cleared up tons of space and using the plastic containers to keep like items together makes everything so much prettier and easier to use.  Every time I open the drawer I have a happy face!