Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Halloween Holiday Decor!

Yay!  It's officially October, which means it is officially fall, which means it is officially the holiday season.  Of course, for those of us living in Southern California, it still feels like summer outside, but that doesn't mean I'm not showing off the season inside!  I put up my Halloween decorations this weekend and I am loving the look!  Most of the decor is stuff that I made, so I thought I would share some of it with you!

This is a dresser that we have in our dining room, mostly used for extra storage.  It's kinda cool because it is the dresser that was in my nursery when I was a wee little one, so there are lots of memories attached.  Always on the dresser: the lamp, the big green B (from our wedding), the purple glass bowl (a pretty place for Mr. B to toss his wallet, watch and other male paraphernalia), and the picture of our anniversary (7/24/11).  Added for Halloween: the "BOO" picture ( just black cut out letters on top of burlap) and the jar of white gourds.  I found the gourds at Wal Mart for 97 cents each.  They were really bright and kinda ugly, so I used my stock of craft paint to paint them an ivory color.  The jar is from Home Goods (I actually stole it from my mom!).

And this is the entertainment center in our living room.  I made the "trick or treat" sign with the die cut letter press at school (sometimes it pays to be a teacher!).  I strung the letters on some brown leather cord and used our DVD player and cable box to hold the ends in place.  I also have another jar of the white gourds, a sparkly silver pumpkin, and the "BOO" vase.  I (again) stole the vase from my mom (I'm lucky to have a mom with style!).  I filled it with wheat stalks and used removable vinyl letters to spell out my Halloween message.

I'm definitely excited for all of the upcoming holidays and I can't wait to work on some more decor projects!

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  1. Lovin that BOO vase! thanks for linking up last week!