Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY Birthday/Hostess Gift

I will freely admit to being terrible at buying presents for people.  I leave it to the last minute, and I never know what to get.  I figure, for most of my friends, booze is always a good option.  But a bottle of wine (while awesome) isn't the most exciting gift.  But have no fear, there is a way to spice up this standard present!  I got this idea from Pinterest (duh) and this lovely pic.  This bottle of wine was for my friend Stacey for her 30th birthday.  I decided on pink glitter since we are both fans of pink, and I figured I would brand it with her name so no one else could have any!  First, I took the label off the wine bottle and scrubbed away the excess yucky stickiness.  I used vinyl letters to spell out her name, then covered the bottle with Mod Podge and lots of pink glitter.  When the glue dried, I peeled off the letters (carefully).  I sprayed the whole thing with a clear coat sealer to make sure I didn't leave a glitter trail on the way to her party.

Then I had to come up with a cute way to wrap the gift.  I had a box from Ikea that once held a set of wine glasses so I decided to use that.  I covered it with pink paper, and then put cupcake duct tape along the top edge.  Presto, cute box!

Not bad for last minute huh?  Hope this inspires you to come up with some cool gifts of your own!

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