Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Raspberry Brie Bites

I originally got the idea for this perfect holiday appetizer from (where else?) Pinterest, and this Pin.  As with most of the ideas I get from Pinterest, I read the original blog post, and then decided to take the idea and wing it.  I gather my supplies:  crescent rolls, raspberry jam, and brie.  I found brie that came in this tube like shape.  It was easy to cut and work with, but I think when I make these again, I will use brie that doesn't have a rind (I know some people like it, but I am not much of a fan).

I unwrapped the crescent rolls, and placed a dollop of jam and one round slice of brie on each one.  I am not very precise in my measurements, so I just eye-balled it.

Then I wrapped up the crescents and baked according to the package instructions.  Be warned--these will make a mess of your baking sheets (mine of course take a beating on a regular basis so they are not in the best of shape to begin with).

Here is the finished product!

These guys were definitely yummy, but I think next time around, I will use the round biscuit dough instead of the crescents.  These were a little bigger than I was thinking, and they were kind of hard to eat.  I also think I will increase the amount of brie, these had more of a jam taste than a cheese and jam taste.  But all in all, they tasted good, and most of them were eaten, so definitely a successful appetizer!

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