Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Photo Frame

Hello and happy Monday!  I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving and a nice little mini vacation.  Thanksgiving at our place was so much fun.  It was nice to have both sides of our families in one place (and it was even nicer not having to drive anywhere!).  I'm hoping to make Thanksgiving at our place an annual tradition!  One of my favorite things we did Thursday was a thankful frame.  I bought a frame with a wide white mat, and everyone signed it with something they are thankful for.  Now all I have to do is put a picture from the day in the frame, and we have a perfect memento!  How cool will it be to look back over the years and see who has celebrated with us and what we all have been thankful for over time?  Can't wait to make this one a yearly tradition too!

And now the countdown to Christmas begins!  Less than a month to go!


  1. I love this idea! Pinning so we can do this next year! Thanks for sharing at Gettin' Krafty With It!