Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wine and Beer!

So this weekend Mr. B and I hosted our first ever Thanksgiving.  He and his college buddies have been celebrating their own “Friendsgiving” for the past nine years, and we were happy to be able to host this annual tradition.  I made a bunch of crafts for our party and these are two of my favorites.  I was lucky enough to score these silver buckets from my mom (she’s moving, which means I am scoring some good loot these days!).  I made the “wine” and “beer” signs using leftover burlap, stickers, and ribbon.  All of the supplies were already on hand, so this project was practically free!  I cut out the triangles (about 2 inches on the top, one inch on each side), attached the letters, and taped them to the ribbon.  I tied the ribbon on the buckets and used some extra tape to hold them in place.  Voila!  Super cute and festive drink containers. 

Make sure you check in all week for lots of holiday crafts!